2012 Barbie Fashionistas Summer Doll. SHAY!

Shay V B

Shay on the cheer squad

                                                              ' 'Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


Is a former OP cheerleader. she is popular and is rivals with the cheersquad.

She used to be bffs with Rachel Tice,Brittnay Mathews, & Mackenzie Zales

until Mackenzie stole the head-cheerleader position she wanted.


voice; Andrew Delman

status; single

sexual orientation; straight

birthday: March 19th 1998


She's a selfish,stuck up,honest, brat. She loves to pull a classic by putting a lot laxatives in peoples drinks and shakes. She steals ideas to ruin Jenna by naming movies such as Mean Girls,She's All That, Samuel Jackson movies and Home alone 2 She's also friends with Saison Marguerite.Talking in the bathroom and lockers. She was also on her Babes Having Babies episodes.


2012 Babrie fashionista Summer doll


  • she & Than went to prom togther.
  • Ex friends with the cheer squad
  • Rumor to have Bullimia
  • She is very rich
  • Doesn't have blue eyes like her family does.