Matthew Derringer

                                              ''Don't you dare look at our butts.''

                                                                          -Matthew Derringer

A student and football player  for and at OPHS. He is one of the most popular boys in school. He's a gentleman and has vast vocabulary (since 3rd grade). He is best friends with Tanner Christensen.

He is in a relationship with Trisha Cappelletti.                born;Feb 7,1996

Voice:Dave Hill



Team: Overland Park football team

Sexual orientation: Straight

Status: Trisha Cappelletti's boyfriend     (3rd grade) Brittnay made-out

First appearance: Episode 4

Last appearance: Episode 61


He is a major sweetheart,gentleman,polite and peaceful guy at Overland Park and of the male cast. He's also very apologetic

He had a more aggresive side with than before the guys let him join their football team. Also when made fun of about having no testies and genetials.



Cappelletti Trisha Cappelletti -his girlfriend also mouth-date. They've shacked up  since the first season and went to prom together.

Christensen Tanner Christensen -His best friend. He is okay and understand that Tanner's gay.He defends him alot. Even though in 3rd grade he tried to hit him with a hacky-sac and talked about his speech inpedament. 

Brittnay Matthews- They made out in 3rd grade after she fought him for throwing a hacky-sac at Shay Van Buren.

Michealson Justin Michealson - One of Matthew's other friends on the football team. He helps him with his emotional problems since his dad left him.

Deandra The New Girl - He is nice to Deandra, especially since she's the only female on the team. He decides that since she cant be in the locker room with them that they do all they're showers and cleansing at home. before and after games.

Getslinhaumer Jonathan Getslinhaumer - He later sarts to like him after he joins the football team helps them win and isn't so annoying anymore. He decideds that Than should be on the team, even when Justin came back.


Van Buren Shay Van Buren - She hates him every since he accidentally hit her in the ear with a hacky-sac in 3rd grade

causing her to be deaf in her right ear.


Doll type:2012 MATTEL a mermaid tale 2 Steven Doll

3rd grade doll:

SIS (So In Style) Julian doll

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  • He has 2 sisters
  • He is second oldest