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Jonathan explaining his nick name

                                                    'It's like Jonathan,only shorter'


He attends Overland park high school where he is often annoying to others.

He is on the Football team and isnt sure if he's Bisexual or Gay. His birthday is May 23rd 1997.

voice: Mark Cope


gender: Male

status: single

team: Overland Park football team

sexual orientation: Gay/Bisexual (?)

first appearance: episode 4

last appearance: episode 61


Despite trying to be a bad boy he is sensitive and friendless. He's tried everything to be popular (nicknames,attitude change up,act hip,dress in jackets only.) Whenever he tries to talk to the football team they have negative words towards him and he replies "This is why you(him) have no friends. 

He is denial about being gay. He does homosexual things,says them, and acts gay. 

But it's not very accurate if he's gay or just bisexual as he dated and kissed and slept with Brittnay and dated Jenna Darbond. He didn't know what bisexual was until Jenna told him about her sexuality.


Doll type: Mattel 2011 Barbie Fashionistas Wave 2 Cutie Ken


Jeans,A tan jacket with no torso, sunglasses.


  • He took Shay Van Buren to prom 2012
  • The Van buren sisters and Football team have told to to kill himself and get lost (before he joined the team)
  • He nicknamed himseld "Uncle Jesse'' after the Full House charcter