Brittnay cussing out Shay Van Buren

Brittnay cheersquad revenge

Brittnay's new lone-wolf cheersquad

Brittnay Matthews

A Barbie I Can Be Cheerleader Doll.

She is a cheerleader at overland park

and most popular girl in school


Brittnay is a stuck up, angry and sassy cheerleader. She challenges anyone no matter who they are and where they're from. (except the cheer choreographer) 

She also has a habit of cussing,yelling,giving handj's,threatning and fighting. as she is alsways yellign at Rachel Tise to "Shut the F*** Up! and go eat a rollypolly like in the third grade!". she also has the worser revenge than Mackenzie as seen in episode 59 and 60. She was always getting expelled from school before she met Rachel Tise,Shay Van Buren, and Mackenzie Zales,(Trisha wasn't with them in 3rd grade) who she swore if they f***ked her she would ruin them. Which again is in episodes 59 and 60 so far.

She is very spoiled yelling at her mom over the car she brought Brittnay and the turkey she cooked during episode 34 in thanksgiving.

She seems to have a softside as she shows good feelings and love towards Trisha.Trisha votes for her as prom queen because "She really is a good friend," and "she TOTALLY desrves it" causing her to get yelled at by Mackenzie. she replies to Trisha with "Wow, Trisha that's really nice, thank you.

She seems to be the one who tells everyone off for the chhersquad. sorta like a personal bodygaurd (which was why Mackenzie wanted to be her 'friend' in third grade much to Brit's dismay.


doll type: Mattel Barbie I can be Cheerleader doll

she has a piece of her hair in a ponytail and the rest back. she's the only one without her hair in a ponytail on the cheersquad. She wears the 2 standard Overland Park chher uniforms new and vintage/old.

she is flexible as seen in episode 6 she was doingthe splits and on the phone yelling at her mom while she talked to Deandra, The New Girl. 


She loves Glee and thinks it's better than Gossip Girl

She wants to kill Saison Margeurite

She used to be friends with Rachel Tise

She's saison's baby,Brittnay,godmother

Brittnay's season 4 antagonist